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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello Hong Kong!

We traveled from LAX and enjoyed the oneworld lounge for about 20 minutes where we did a toast to all the exciting stuff in the past few weeks like finishing the bar exam, my engagement (!!!), and of course our fabulous trip ahead before walking to our gate.

We are in Hong Kong! This is a whirl wind stop of about 24 hours (almost as long as our travel time to get here!). After taking the bus into town we were dropped off nowhere near our hotel. After a few failed attempts at asking some people around us, I pulled out my iPad and found tons of free wifi. This thing is making itself a lifesaver already! We started walking for about 3 blocks in 100000% humidity and realized we weren't going to be able to make the remaining 6 blocks without passing out so we jumped into a cab. Best $3 we ever spent.

After checking in and being "escorted" to the premiere level lounge (thank you flyertalk!) we went down and enjoyed a full spread of breakfast from every region of the world you can imagine. We had originally planned to take a nap but were too antsy so we headed out on the town at 10am.

We walked down to avenue of the stars and clearly were delirious from the heat and totally got the pose wrong. I blame the humidity.

What followed next was an immediate search for a taxi so that we could find a pool. I remembered that when Brent and I were here a year and a half ago the W hotel had an amazing pool on the roof overlooking the city so what better place to go? Oh, wait, we weren't staying there... After making our way in and getting access to the changing room, and even securing pool chairs and towels, they finally ask us for a room number and name. Shoot. Here's a photo of Kirstin pretending to call "our friend" for our forgotten room number while being stared down.

After our failed mission, we head to the living room which was the downstairs bar area and had some beautifully made drinks and a light lunch before heading back to our hotel.

We took a nap and begrudgingly forced ourselves to wakeup 2 hours later for dinner. Ok may I was the only one begrudgingly waking up.... It ended up being an amazing night! Post on that to follow next.

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  1. coool!! Sounds like fun. Pool hopping is a specialty of mine. You make up a room number and you make up a name. But maybe thats a bit harder in Hong Kong. Smith probably wouldn't work. Cant wait to hear about your night. Yay for the Ipad getting you to the hotel!