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Saturday, August 13, 2011

What I've Been Looking Forward to for Months...

We arrived in Koh Samui in the evening. The airport is very small and is entirely outdoors consisting of a few straw umbrellas to cover passengers from the sun. There was a driver waiting for us from the hotel and I still can't get over when people have signs with your name on it at the airport. It always makes me feel so important even if it means nothing and if everyone else has one too.

Our hotel only serves vegetarian food and considers itself somewhat of a retreat. It's not in the center of town and has no other hotels near it which I kind of like. We had a nice peaceful dinner that was presented beautifully even though we were the only ones in the restaurant. We each have our own room at this place. At first we thought there were no mosquitos around but now as I write this I've killed 2 as they are sucking my blood and creating ridiculous itchy bumps. Sleeping in bug spray it is.

I had been exchanging emails with Kate and Dana, two fellow USF law grads and they had been in koh samui for a few weeks since embarking on their own post bar trip. They came over to our hotel and we all hung out by the infiniti pool overlooking the ocean. I think I must have repeated like 100 times how I had looked forward to this exact moment for months. Where I would get to lay by a pool, read a trashy magazine, and drink a delicious fruity beverage. All those dreams were completed today.

After a lazy afternoon by the pool, and a delicious lunch Kirstin and I decided to go indulge in our first massage of hopefully many more to come while in Southeast Asia. We then returned to the hotel and were too tired to go out but decided on a dinner close by. After dinner, we were walking around Fisherman's Village and encountered an artist who had set up shop. He did some copies of famous works but also had several originals. We even saw photographs laying on his work table that people had commissioned him to create in painting form. After some negotiation, and inspiration, Kristin and I each pulled the trigger and commissioned him to paint an original work for each of us! We based it on some of the works already displayed but tailored them to what we wanted and the colors we each wanted. We left him a deposit and will get to pick them up on Monday night before we leave Tuesday morning. He is able to roll them up into a tube so we can travel easily with them. Very exciting. Im getting a variation of the top painting which includes mixed media like actual real leaves providing depth to the painting and Kirstin is getting a variation of the bottom one.

Tomorrow we've got a very packed day ahead of us. We've signed up for a full day boat trip which includes visiting the national park with over 100 mini islands for some kayaking and snorkeling. After that we are going to try to make it to the world famous full moon party so its definitely time for bed!

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