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Monday, September 5, 2011

Horses and Hookah

Gili Trawangan island, or Gili T as most call it was somewhat of an anomaly in Indonesia compared to the other parts we visited. It almost appears like the island was created entirely for tourists. After our tumultuous boat ride we arrived on the beautiful crystal blue beaches and attempted to get to our hotel. As I wrote in my previous post we tracked down a horse and buggy to carry us and all of our stuff to the hotel. The main strip is less than a mile long and towards the end of it was our little oasis.

We checked in and had a bite to eat in the treehouse in front of the hotel on the beach until our room was ready. Here we met up with Lauren and Jesse, two other USF law grads who were also taking their post bar trip.

To say the beaches were blue is an understatement. The water was so clear that I could see schools of fish swimming by as I walked through the shore break. So cool.

That's what's going for Gili T. Now, what's not going for it.... There are signs everywhere and creepy guys trying to sell you "magic mushrooms" left and right. You can't really escape it since there's only one main strip/ street to walk down. At first we found it comical but by the fifth time it was downright annoying. The majority of people on the island are tourists, mostly from Australia. There were also a bunch of fish shops set up where you could go select your fish from the display and have them grill it up for you on the spot. Even though I don't eat seafood I still thought it was very cool and indulged in the freshly grilled vegis cooked at the same restaurants.

For our three day trip in Gili T we were able to unwind after constantly being on the go. There were several places that provided little huts with mattresses in them for you to watch movies on the beach. You can also order snacks like crepes, milkshakes, and even sweet and salty popcorn to eat in the hut. Obviously we partook in all three, we are on vacation after all. Our days were filled with movies, lounging by the beach and the pool overlooking fields of green all around us, and yummy dinners. We even went to a hookah bar on the beach!

On our boat ride back I quickly made a beeline for the front so that I would attempt to avoid any seasickness and fume inhalation like the ride over. Even though my stomach was uneasy, it was much better then the back of the boat, and as I learned later that night, my stomach ache was not from the boat after all...

Next stop, Ubud!


  1. ummm you make it sound like ur pregs hahaha just admit you ate something bad that didn't sit well!

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  3. ha seeing as how I have been gone over 4 weeks I'm definitely not pregnant.
    You'll read what happened in my next post... probably going to be TMI