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Saturday, August 20, 2011

E is for Eli and Elephant!

What an absolutely amazing day! I won't bore you with too many words because the photos speak volumes. We woke up super early and were picked up by the Patara Elephant conservation representative. We made our way into the jungle and met our elephant that we would each need to take care of. This included checking their poops (the green stuff you can see below that I squeezed to check for liquid, surprisingly it smelled good. TMI, I know.) We also bathed our elephants and got to play with them in the river after trekking to a waterfall. The Patara organization is a conservation center that rescues sick and abused elephants from other areas of Thailand and rehabilitates them. I'm amazed at how comfortable I ended up getting with Lucky by the end of the day... enough to do the traditional Thai greeting pose on top of her head! A very memorable life experience with "Lucky" my superstar elephant for the day.

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  1. OMG these pictures are SOOO amazing. WOW!!!! I love the one of you with the braid on the side riding the elephant in the water. I'm going to print it and frame it!! hahaha It's so coooooooooooool!!!!!!!!