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Monday, August 22, 2011

"Yummy Yummy" and "Shoppy Shoppy"

Chiang Mai is definitely one of my favorite cities in Thailand. It's built up but not too commercial. Today we enjoyed a half day cooking class where we made three different dishes and learned how to make curry paste from scratch.

The woman running the cooking school was awesome. Every time we were stirring she would tell us to "move your body" aka dance while stirring. It cracked us all up. On top of that she had several sexual innuendoes that really made everyone laugh including how Thai men watch potential wives make curry and based on how well they mash the paste in the mortar they would decide if we would be a good wife. At first she said I would be a good wife, but after 10 minutes of smashing everything up and my arm getting tired, I was no longer a good prospect. Ha.

After our cooking class we headed back to the hotel and indulged in their happy hour before heading out to the true reason we were in Chiang Mai, the Sunday Night Market. We even took a tuk tuk there! I had fond memories of when Brent and I were here last time and knew this was a shopping mecca. Thai people come in from all parts of the northern province and sell their handmade artisan goods once a week. We saw such unique stuff and it was so hard not to buy everything since the prices were so ridiculously cheap! We definitely need another suitcase but that will have to wait since we are now on our way to Khao Lak!


  1. So you can cook Thai food now?!

  2. You must teach me how to make that! I love Thai food!